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Yeast helps transform the organisations we work with by developing the individuals and teams within them. We utilise mental toughness to provide executive coaching, leadership & management training and development, and strategies for improving the resilience and mental health of your workforce.

Development in our terms means that the people we work with think, behave and perform more effectively and with greater positive impact as a result of the work we do with them – we enable them to grow as leaders, managers and employees.

Executive Coaching / Leadership & Management training cycle
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We deliver results! Unlike a conventional training company, Yeast delivers much more than just training;  all of the interventions we use, whether they are group training workshops or one to one executive coaching sessions, are specifically designed to help your people develop their skills to become more effective and productive. We help them expand and realise their potential as leaders, managers and team members.
Our workshops are focused on delivering stimulating, participative, engaging and challenging sessions that help individuals to reflect on their current strengths and development areas, their circumstances, and their aspirations and goals.  We help drive alignment to organisational objectives by encouraging participants to think differently, to think as leaders of the business.  We provide all the necessary support and encouragement, both in the workshops and as a follow-up, to help people become more effective and to perform at a higher level.
Our suite of leadership and development programmes are suitable for all levels, from the first-time leader/manager to board-level executives as we vary the content and delivery methods in line with our participants.
Our clients come from a wide range of sectors: from small privately owned businesses to large corporations and public sector organisations; from well-established brand names to innovative start-ups. But the one feature common to all our clients is that they are aiming to perform better, to raise standards, to excel.

If you want to grow your organisation, your people and your effectiveness as a leader, just add Yeast!

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What We Do

Our Leadership Development Programmes are based on the premise that for training to be of value, it should be applied, reflected upon and change the framework we use to operate. This practice creates real learning which drives changes in behaviour.

As a result, all of our programmes are based on coaching – each participant will be assigned a personal coach for the entire duration of the programme. This coach will meet the individual shortly after each of the formal sessions to contextualise the theory and challenge them to apply it and reflect on it in their individual situation. Coaches will also support the candidate remotely over the duration of the course, allowing the candidate the ability to discuss confidentially problems they might encounter throughout their development.

Each programme is designed specifically to ensure that the development meets the needs of our clients. If required by the client can be certificated by Yeast’s ILM centre to give a recognised National accreditation.

In our view, team and objective development go hand in hand. There is no use in improving communication and the way individuals work as a team if they are not united behind a common purpose and vice versa. Therefore whenever we undertake a project to improve how a team works together and communicates, we always include elements of strategy, objectives and targets, as they give the team a focus.

Communication is improved by enabling individuals to deepen their understanding themselves and how they differ to the others in the team. We use a variety of tests and psychometric measures to assist in this learning. As each team has its own characteristics, our programmes are tailor made for each client and created to target the issues experienced by the team.

We often combine team development programmes with coaching for the individuals within the team. This allows the learning to be reinforced in each of them and support the deployment of strategy effectively throughout the organisation.

Mental toughness is the characteristic which determines how an individual responds to stress, pressure and challenge and how the environment impacts upon an individual’s performance.

Using the MTQ48 psychometric test, we can assess the mental toughness of an individual or team and use this information to help them develop. Mental toughness can be developed in individuals and can also erode if subject to excessive pressure. There is already a great deal of research demonstrating a strong relationship between the performance of an individual and their level of mental toughness. In general it has been demonstrated that mentally tough individuals:

  • Perform closer to their potential
  • Respond more positively to and are stimulated by change
  • Thrive in pressurised environments
  • Are able to remain calm under pressure
  • Have a more positive ‘can do’ attitude
  • Are more likely to be more disciplined at work and about exercise and diet

By developing resilience and mental toughness in the key individuals and teams within an organisation we can improve the performance of the organisation, making it more dynamic and open to change, more disciplined and committed to its mission and values and more likely to take controlled risks and learn from any failures – all the key components of developing a learning organisation.

Individuals who are naturally extremely mentally tough may also, unless they have developed a good sense of awareness, appear to be less sensitive to and more detached from their surroundings. This could adversely affect their ability to perform in or lead a team. We help raise the awareness of these individuals and work with them to improve their performance by improving their emotional intelligence.

To achieve results, we develop the right environment for our clients to get the best out of themselves. We provide challenge in our coaching sessions to create sufficient discomfort for our clients change their behaviour and all of our coaches have significant business experience to support learning.

All of our coaching assignments have agreed aims and purpose and wherever possible we find a method of measuring the results, so that we can demonstrate the value we add to the organisation. Each coaching session concludes with the individual deciding what actions need to be taken and we review these up at the next session.

We develop bespoke, coaching based programmes to drive changes in culture across organisations and embed new behaviours and systems. Delivered through coaching from the top of the organisation, we support the development of a coaching culture and the Mental Toughness to sustain the disciplines which are put in place.

An example of one of these programmes can be found in the Regulated Environment case study »

We help the individuals and teams which lead organisations to develop and articulate a strong clear vision and direction for the future. By challenging, questioning, listening and providing insight from our experience we can usually ensure that ideas are thought through and tested in a ‘no risk’ environment. The resulting vision and implications on the organisation are therefore better thought through and able to be presented in a clear, cohesive manner which engages and enthuses the team.

We help organisations select individuals capable of developing into internal coaches and then design and run programmes to develop their ability to coach others. We can also provide ongoing support and development to these coaches by providing Coaching supervision.

Each programme is designed specifically to ensure that the development meets the needs of our clients. If required by the client can be certificated by Yeast’s ILM centre to give a recognised National accreditation in coaching.

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Our Belief

Through our bespoke executive coaching programmes, mental toughness training, and leadership and management training programmes we help drive sustainable business outperformance.  We provide leaders and managers with the tools, techniques and strategies to create and maintain an optimum business environment, as shown in the adjacent figure, which challenges and motivates individuals who have the requisite mental toughness to thrive under pressure.

We are experts at developing individuals at all levels of an organisation – from board-level executives to first level managers: we create simulus and challenge in the environment alongside developing the mental toughness capacity of the individuals within your business.

We design our leadership and management training and coaching programmes on a client-by-client basis to deliver significant value for money and return on investment.

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Our Performance

What our Clients Say

James Cameron

The coaching was the best thing I've done in my career.

James Cameron
Partner, Brown & Co

Steve Platt

Yeast delivered a Management Development Programme and coached a number of the senior team. This lead to a significant change in the behaviour and engagement of the team and significant improvements in the performance of the business.

Steve Platt
Operations Director, Advanced Medical Solutions Ltd

Mike Colley

Over the last 11 months Yeast have hugely contributed to a change in the business and has stabilised our operations, made significant improvements to the processes we operate, reduced our costs and contributed to an overall change in our fortunes. They have operated with great commitment, diligence and skill and very importantly with a great attitude and sense of humour.

Mike Colley
Managing Director, HMC Ltd

Richard Holland

The development programme provided the essential platform which enabled the organisation to transform. Through the development of mental toughness, the management team developed an appetite to drive change and the commitment and resilience to implement and sustain it. Yeast provided the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, challenge and support to allow the senior team to develop themselves and their teams.

Richard Holland
Managing Director, Serco Private Sector

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