Enabling change in the NHS – a case study

We have recently completed a piece of work which we are proud to shout about. We were approached by a large NHS Trust which was going through a period of significant and rapid organisational change.

Part way into the organisational change programme, the staff were struggling to keep up with the pace of change and were having difficulty assimilating all the information they were receiving. As well as slowing down decision making across the organisation, this was increasing the stress in the organisation causing high levels of sickness and absence.
A significant amount of Senior Management time was being consumed solving staff appeals and disputes rather than focussing on what needed to be done to achieve best outcomes for the future of the organisation.
Alongside all of this, the organisation’s service delivery against it’s objectives was starting to erode.

The organisation approached Yeast to understand how we could support. The overall brief was to provide support to the organisation to:
• Accelerate the speed of learning and decision making of individuals at all levels
• Demonstrate to staff that management had listened and responded to their need for support
• To reduce absence levels
• Free up management time to focus on the future by supporting individuals through complex issues
• To enable the organisation to hit its delivery objectives without further recommendations from consultants (which would occupy more management time)

Yeast supported the organisation by providing a Coaching clinic for the Managers at all levels across the organisation on an optional ‘drop-in’ basis for 4 months. We called the solution “Coaching Clinics” and staff would book 1:1 sessions in advance so that our coaching team would be fully utilised on site all day.
The clinics were used by almost all of the Senior team, a significant cross section of Middle and Junior Managers. In addition, coaches were made available to support some staff with specific complex issues.

The outcomes from the programme of support were:
• All key performance objectives and cost targets for the organisation were achieved through the period of support and immediately afterwards
• The energy and speed of decision making in the organisation significantly increased
• Levels of absence due to sickness reduces considerably
• The staff forum was regularly used to praise the fact that the service had been provided, the quality of the coaching and the impact it was having on individuals

Some of the feedback from the organisation was amazing, including:

“This service is of the highest quality and meets the VFM (Value For Money) criteria however you measure it.” Finance Director

“Thanks for helping with the difficult cases it helped all of us get to a good outcome.” Chief Executive

“I feel I can make a positive decision, having seen Chris, which I never thought was possible.” Senior Manager

“This is the best support this organisation has provided me with in the last 30 years.” Staff

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