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Our Measures

Yeast works closely with AQR International, one of the world’s leading-edge international test publishers. We can, therefore, offer a range of innovative and accessible psychometric tests, tools and development programmes, designed to enable the very best performance from people and organisations.

MTQ48 is a high quality online psychometric measure used to assess Mental Toughness. Using the MTQ48 we are now able to assess Mental Toughness through a unique 48 item psychometric measure using the four key components of Mental Toughness, known as the 4 C’s: Challenge; control, commitment and confidence.

ILM72 is a reliable online psychometric measure which assesses six leadership scales which form the basis of every major leadership model along with three global scales which correlate with leadership effectiveness.

AQR360 is an online 360 feedback tool which can be used to create bespoke assessments in line with an organisations aims, values or competency framework.

We use this powerful psychometric tool, based on the work of Carl Jung, to provide highly accurate feedback to individuals to help them understand themselves, their colleagues, and to develop effective relationships in the workplace.  We coach leaders to make best use of this knowledge, turning theory in practical results.

We use tools similar to Myers Briggs to help individuals understand their preferred working styles and personality traits.  We also make use of Belbin Team Roles analysis to improve team effectiveness, particularly at the executive level.

Prevue is a quick, easy to use online assessment tool which measures an individual’s abilities, interests and motivations and personality.

Although the majority of our work involves the above measures, we can of course use other measures and tools to provide the exact solution desired by clients.