Survive to Thrive

You’ve got immediate and pressing business, operational and financial issues that need to be solved before you can think about planning for the future.

The business is viable and fundamentally sound but is under immense strain caused by the lockdown and action needs to be taken NOW in order to ensure survival.

Our programme will:

  • Baseline the current business performance to highlight any immediate threats – we will conduct a full business and financial analysis.
  • Consult with a representative cross-section of the business to identify current and pressing issues – given the current circumstances, we can offer this remotely.
  • Conduct a financial and operational stress test to determine the critical and immediate pinch points threatening the business.
  • Present its findings in a comprehensive and coherent report, with recommendations that can be immediately actioned.

We will then work with you to implement the chosen course of action providing management coaching and mentoring support, short-term interim management solutions and financial mentoring.

We understand that investing money at a time like this is difficult so we have a range of flexible solutions to ensure that our expertise is affordable to all.

If your business needs a bit of extra professional support in order to steady the ship and to get ready for further growth, call us today or get in touch with us via email or our social media channels.

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